Contacting Seniors Rights Victoria


What does Seniors Rights Victoria offer?

Seniors Rights Victoria provides information, support, advice and education to help prevent elder abuse and safeguard the rights, dignity and independence of older people.

Our experienced advocates and legal advisors provide a welcoming and respectful environment where older people can talk confidentially about their experiences and choose their preferred course of action.

Our services include a Helpline, specialist legal services, short-term support and advocacy for individuals and community education. Seniors Rights Victoria also provides leadership on policy and law reform and works with organisations and groups to raise awareness of elder abuse.

Can I call Seniors Rights Victoria to talk about my concerns about an older person?

Service providers can call the Seniors Rights Victoria Helpline for information and advice on a range of matters relating to elder abuse.

Seniors Rights Victoria can assist older people directly, including clients of a service provider if that person consents to our assistance and we can speak to them directly.

For more information about Seniors Rights Victoria download our service brochure.

How can I help my client/s to access Seniors Rights Victoria services?

Seniors Rights Victoria can assist a client of a service provider if that client consents to our assistance and we can speak to the client directly. Service providers can help the older person to get access to a phone in a safe place where they can make a private call, or can help the older person to attend an interview they have arranged with Seniors Rights Victoria staff.

If an older person needs an interpreter during the call, Seniors Rights Victoria can arrange this. Seniors Rights Vitoria can also arrange for an interpreter to attend an in-person interview either at our offices or at another venue.

What if an older person who is being abused won’t call Seniors Rights Victoria?

If a service provider has a client who they know is in immediate physical danger or at risk of significant harm, they should take further action in line with their agency’s protocol for responding to elder abuse. See Safety in Emergencies.

Can Seniors Rights Victoria assist someone who has decision making problems?

Seniors Rights Victoria recognises that the claim that an older person ‘has dementia’ or has ‘lost decision making capacity’ is often used as an excuse to hide abuse. Because of this, we test these claims about an older person’s capacity by talking to the person directly. That’s why, if you contact Seniors Rights Victoria on behalf of an older person we will still need to speak to them directly.

If the person has lost capacity to the extent that we cannot assist them but we believe they need to be protected from abuse, we will make the necessary referrals to ensure they are protected.

How can I contact Seniors Rights Victoria?

Contact our free, confidential Helpline: 1300 368 821 10:00am -5:00pm Monday – Friday

Or visit


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